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Full body


Full legs, underarms, vagina, butt strip, and upper lip



Full under arms, clean up strip and light tweeze

Glo full body


This wax includes full legs, full arms, fingers, toes, underarms, vagina, butt strip, lip, butt cheeks,

Buttock wax


Soft wax applied directly on the buttocks and clean up with strip

Nose wax


Wax inside the nostrils and on top of the nose

Lower back


Wax will be applied right above the buttocks to mid back than clean up wax

Half arm


Half arm wax either lower or upper

Neck wax


Front and back neck wax with soft wax and clean up

Stomach wax


1 inch above the vagina and 2 inches below breast soft wax applied and clean up with strip

Build a Body


This service gives you the option to choose up to 10 body parts to be waxed for a set price of $250

Full arm wax


Full arm wax 2 inches below shoulders

Full back wax


Full back with soft wax and clean up

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